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Red Bull Media Countdown To Verbier Xtreme

Snowboarding News | Friday March 27, 2015

‘Part 2: As contest day approaches, Xavier scopes out the rocky competition face to select his line’ is up online and ready for viewing!   More...Red Bull Media Countdown To Verbier Xtreme

Red Bull Media House Watch Xavier De Le Rues Mental Combat

Snowboarding News | Thursday March 26, 2015

Great read on Part 1 of Red Bull Media’s series on Xavier’s on the countdown to the Verbier Xtreme “Iconic rider De Le Rue prepares for freeriding’s greatest contest, the Xtreme Verbier”. Watch the film on Red Bull’s site below and keep an eye out for part two and three of the... More...Red Bull Media House Watch Xavier De Le Rues Mental Combat

Mpora Degrees North

Snowboarding News | Monday February 23, 2015

Thanks to Tristan at MPORA for the great article ‘Xavier de le Rue’s Just Released His New Trailer… And It’s Awesome’.  We love MPORA who have some of the best action sports content on the web.  Click the link below to read the article… More...Mpora Degrees North

Degrees North A New Mission To Alaska

Snowboarding News | Tuesday February 17, 2015

In March, the Xavier de le Rue and Samuel Anthamatten travelled to Svalbard, a Norwegian archipelago in the Arctic Ocean, situated halfway between continental Norway and the North Pole to film the next mission, ‘Degrees North’. The idea was for Xavier and Samuel to use paramotors to access and ride... More...Degrees North A New Mission To Alaska

The Times Mission Antarctica

Snowboarding News | Thursday February 12, 2015

It’s not very often you see the cameramen and photographers behind the scenes get a mention in the press.  Thank to the Times Newspaper for mentioning Guido & Tero for their amazing work with Xavier and the rest of the people on their epic trip in Antarctica. More...The Times Mission Antarctica

Recco Tero Xaviers New Campaign

Snowboarding News | Tuesday February 10, 2015

Tero and Xavier have recently teamed up with the globally renowned rescue System RECCO® for their latest campaign. TheRECCO® detector sends out a directional search signal, which is echoed by RECCO® reflectors worn by skiers, riders and other outdoors people such as Xavier and Tero.  This campaign nicely illustrates the message. Check out the... More...Recco Tero Xaviers New Campaign

Daily Mail Great Article For The Team

Snowboarding News | Tuesday February 10, 2015

Yesterday the Timeline Missions team got a great write up in the UK’s well known Daily Mail. The article ‘Now that’s a blue run! Thrillseeking snowboarders travel for weeks to take on aquamarine ICEBERG in Antarctica’ talks about Xavier and Lucas DeBari’s trip to Antarctica and shows some of the... More...Daily Mail Great Article For The Team

Cooler Melody Has Dream Job

Snowboarding News | Monday February 09, 2015

In an article by Cooler yesterday ’10 Dream Jobs Every Woman Who Loves Surfing, Snowboarding & Skateboarding Could Have’, Melody’s job was one of the 10.  We couldn’t agree more! Read more at More...Cooler Melody Has Dream Job

Adidas Welcomes

Snowboarding News | Friday February 06, 2015

adidas produced this incredible series which won Transworld Web Series of the year. Here is mine: “adidas welcomes “Helen Schettini” More...Adidas Welcomes

Bosch Campaign 2015

Snowboarding News | Friday February 06, 2015

I had an incredible opportunity to work with Bosch for their “Connected Living” Campaign last October in Encinitas. Here are some pictures and the video that was put together for it:)   More...Bosch Campaign 2015
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