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Uphill Access Open With Restrictions



Snowboarding News | Saturday November 11, 2017 | Shared By: Arapahoe Basin

After the lifts close today, uphill access will be open. For now, it will be open during non-operating hours. Said another way, uphill access will be closed when the lifts are open to the public. As always, I encourage uphill users to use extra caution keeping an eye out for snowmaking equipment, snowmobiles and snowcats. Stay far away from any equipment. Also, for now, stay out of terrain that is closed for the day. Stick to the groomers.
Uphill access is a great and fun activity, but it only works if users ski, ride, skin, snowshoe and hike in a responsible manner.
This is a great time to remind people that all uphill users need a FREE Uphill Access Pass. That pass is available in the Guest Services building. When you pick up your pass, you will be given a list of the Uphill Rules. Thanks so much for cooperating with this program. 
There are times that uphill access is closed due to avalanche work or other special ski area operations. Check the Terrain Status page on our website to see if uphill access is open or closed. As a tip, you can expect uphill access to be closed mornings with reasonable snowfall that require avalanche work.
Can't wait to see Kent and Doris and the rest of you. ENJOY.

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