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Team Profile Tarik Blowers



Snowboarding News | Wednesday December 19, 2012 | Shared By: Carinthia

Tarik Blowers

A/S/L: From Jamaica VT (via West Glover), 19 years old, Living in Wilmington during the season.

Stance: My stance is Goofy, 22 inches, 6 by 6 on my angles.

Gear & Other Sponsors: YES. jackpot, Savvi Design bindings, Snuglife, Lastride street wear, Ifound outerwear, Anarchy goggles, Credo shoppe.

What are your plans for the winter? My plans for this winter are to kill it, stay outta trouble and spend as much time in Prospector as possible. Also, win the Carinthia Open.

What’s the best trick you’ve ever stomped? That’s a hard one, there were so many good ones to choose from! Probably my dub back I did at Thumbulator last year, just because I have never really seen anyone pull a dub on a hand made booter.

How would you describe your riding style? Straight swag.

What do you do in the off season? Skate mini-ramp, raise my dogs, go fishing, eat chips, watch Star Wars.

If you could ride like any other C Team member, who would it be, and why? Luke Hagearty, kid skis like a G.

Lastly, what does being on the Carinthia Team mean to you? Being on the C team honestly means the world to me, now I have the best mountain on the east coast backing me, taking care of my pass, filming me, making edits, etc. It’s like damn, what more could a kid want?

shout outs: wolfpack, batgrass

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