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Stories From The First Time Skiing



Snowboarding News | Monday February 11, 2013 | Shared By: Homewood Mountain Resort

Recently, we asked our Facebook friends for stories about their first time skiing or snowboarding. The responses were genuine, thoughtful, and fun. Below is one of those stories from Matt Cole, and we can all relate to his experience." alt="" width="300" height="215" />

“My first time on the slopes was when I was about 12 years old. My uncle, aunt, and cousins had rented a cabin in Lake Tahoe and my mom and I were able to stay with them. My uncle, cousins, and I tried snowboarding for the first time. I have always lived near Tahoe but had never been able to try snowboarding before. Tahoe had received a ton of snow that year so even though we all fell a little, tumbling into powder isn’t so bad at all. There was light snow falling and I recall how awesome the scene was gliding down the mountain with views of the gorgeous blues of Lake Tahoe and fresh snow everywhere. I can still hear the laughter and joy of people on the chair lifts, gliding down the mountain, and just playing around in the winter wonderland.

I remember us kids watching my uncle (a former skier who was trying snowboarding for the first time) wipe out and slide down the mountain a ways. Of course being young boys we laughed instead of making sure he was ok, but luckily he was just fine- a bruised ego was his only injury. I didn’t have very good clothing- I wore a ski bib that belonged to my mom that was literally from the 1970s. It wasn’t very water/snow proof anymore so I think I collected more snow inside my clothes than was kept out. But these things made the experience that much more memorable as it added to the experience and fun." alt="" width="300" height="200" />

I kept that lift ticket as a reminder of that awesome experience for over 10 years- it hung on the key rack as a memento of my experience in the national treasure that is Tahoe. After a long but so fun day on the slopes, we dragged ourselves back to the cabin to warm up and dry out and enjoy some pizza. My mom and aunt had gone horseback riding so we all sat around in the nice warmth of the cabin and told how our days went. It was New Year’s Eve so at midnight we went outside and banged on some pots and pans (our parents quickly put the kybosh on that) to ring in the New Year. The perfect ending to an amazing first time on the slopes!”

Thanks Matt! We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. See you on the mountain!

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