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Rope Tow Update



Snowboarding News | Wednesday November 08, 2017 | Shared By: Arapahoe Basin

We are calling the rope tow from the top of Lenawee Mountain Lift to Montezuma Bowl the "Lazy J." The brand of the lift is a "Telecorde." It functions a little bit differently than a standard rope tow. Your typical lift would have a bullwheel on each end. This lift has no bullwheels. It does have a series of pulleys on each end and, instead of the light side and heavy side being side by side, the light side runs several feet directly above the heavy side. The heavy side hauls the people. The light side has no load.

We are excited to show off the rope tow. Unfortunately, we have had a delay. The container with the lift did not get loaded on its ship in its French port on time. It is still coming, but delayed. We have built its lift operator house, installed power to the drive terminal and excavated the holes for the towers. Just waiting on the lift to arrive.

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