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Rental And Snowsports



Snowboarding News | Friday November 10, 2017 | Shared By: Arapahoe Basin

We just opened our newly re-organized Winter Sports Center. The project had a lot of objectives, but the biggest one was to make it easier for first time (or near first time) skiers and riders to get into the sport, have a good day and come back for more good days. Some of the new features are:
-Greeting desk at the front to help guests with questions, especially on Snowsports School.-Boot Bridge to better help our employees help our guests to get a good boot fit.-Additional DIN station to set boots, skis and bindings.-Better flow path to accommodate more people in a faster and friendlier manner.-More staff for more and better contact with guests.
So, if you are reading this, I doubt you are a first time skier. That said, keep us in mind when you are introducing that friend or family member to skiing or riding. Get 'em through a good rental process and into a good lesson. Remember, "Friends don't teach friends skiing (and especially, spouses don't teach spouses). Take a lesson."

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