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Perfect Week For Weekend Warriors



Snowboarding News | Tuesday September 12, 2017 | Shared By: Winter Park Resort

Looking for a great place for a Girls’ Weekend? A bachelor party weekend? A place for the squad to get one more summer shindig in before work/school/life forgets the lazy days of summer and ramps back up. Well if Winter Park Resort hasn’t come to the top of your mind when thinking of booking a trip that extends just beyond your weekend jaunt to the high country, here’s a pre-planned excursion we’re sure will help convince everyone in your squad this is the must for your bucket list.

The following would ideally be built for a Mon – Fri schedule but can be adjusted to whatever you’d like, and depending on event our event calendar can extend through a full weekend with ease. Also, note alternative activities have been suggested to reflect Post-Labor Day schedule changes.

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Morning: Adjust to Elevation – Enjoy the ride

Are you weekend warriors driving up from Denver, Boulder or somewhere else on the front ranger (even if that is DIA)? If so, we want you to make sure to factor in time for an adjustment for elevation (our base sits right about 9,000 feet). Take a break from the ear popping ride up highway 40 over Berthoud pass and park for some photo ops and a potty break for you and your pup.

If you’re used to getting up on the CO ridgeline, why not take this opportunity to hit the trail? The trailhead at Berthoud pass links up with the Continental Divide Trail, offering stunning views and unique experiences. If you’re ready to crank out a hike that will “make anyone’s legs and lungs burn” try 7.7 mi out and back singletrack to Stanley Mountain.

Midday: Lunch on the Trail or Grab Hot Dog before Check-In

After a morning of taking in the Colorado Rockies head on into Grand County (you’ll see the sign while coming round the bend of one of Berthoud’s curves) and then continue on into Winter Park. If you didn’t pack a trail lunch, or if you’ve already worked up an appetite, continue into downtown Winter Park. You can grab a quick bite and sit outside at Fraser Valley Hot Dog! Try one of their many gourmet hot dogs or carrot dogs and get a feel for the Winter Park crowd.

Next up is checking into your place to stay. If you’re looking for a camping experience, go pitch your tent at Idlewild, Vasquez Peak Wilderness, St. Louis Creek, or one of the other camp grounds in town. No matter where you decide to call home for the night, you’ll be in for a treat when you light your campfire and the stars come out!

welp, coffee by the fire is definitely the first thing on the agenda this morning. this mama needs to thaw out

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