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Local Brew Fest



Snowboarding News | Saturday August 19, 2017 | Shared By: Arapahoe Basin

We are just winding down our first Summer Local Brew Fest. Oakhurst delivered a great show on the stage. Upslope, Crooked Stave, Great Divide, Odell and Outer Ranger Brewing Companies provided the beverages. A good time was had by all listening to music, eating and drinking, riding Black Mountain Express, hiking, playing disc golfing and hanging out in the mountains.
A Summer event at The Basin won't be like 4th of July in Frisco or Oktoberfest in Breckenridge. Those are great events, but a Summer A-Basin event will be much lower keyed affair in a much mellower place. If that appeals to you, consider visiting us in the Summer.
Hope you can join us Monday to watch the eclipse.

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