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Little Details Make The Biggest Vacations



Snowboarding News | Friday January 15, 2016 | Shared By: Jackson Hole

2016 certainly started with a snap and pow." alt="NELSON" width="435" height="580" />

After a postcard-fluffy white Christmas, New Year’s week was so cold I had to fib a little to our out-of-town friends about why I wasn’t on the hill everyday: “I will ski when the mountain is not so crowded with tourists like yourself.” My cousin Nick saw right through this when he had one of those heavenly rides through the Hobacks the morning of New Year’s Eve, miraculously never seeing another person top to bottom. He was blown away by the breadth and depth of Jackson Hole. You can take the Tram up with 100 new friends, and a few turns later into Rendezvous Bowl, you feel like you own the mountain." alt="Not near Kids Ranch, literally in the same building. Take the elevator to drop off." width="580" height="335" />

Not near Kids Ranch, literally in the same building. Take the elevator to drop off.

As I mentioned in my last post about Kids Ski Free!, I was totally agog at the condo I saw at Cody House in the Kids Ranch building, so my friend Julie at Jackson Hole Resort Lodging invited us to stay a night. Before we moved to Jackson, I used to be one of those moms who’d burn more calories hauling my four children and their gear than actually skiing (mostly owing to the fact that I’m in terrible physical condition). This unit, like many of JHRL’s ski in-ski out properties, made me want to stand out on the balcony with a steaming hot cup of coffee waiting for a friend to ski by and recognize me. In fact, this unit being in the Kids Ranch building and directly adjacent to the Bridger Gondola, we could wave to my husband waiting in line for first gondi while we had an early morning soak in the hot tub." alt="Natasha pondering the Gondi." width="450" height="580" />

Natasha pondering the Gondi.

Alex Sr. was fired up for the hotly anticipated Teton Lift, at the top of the gondola. Here’s an insider’s look courtesy of Teton Gravity Research. Totally gangster, as my son Alex might say.

Our stay began as I opened the fridge up to this:" alt="Did we need anything else?" width="435" height="580" />

Did we need anything else?


Just kidding. Actually the fridge was kitted out like this for our one night stay thanks to Ashley Watson at Mountains of Groceries." alt="A little more realistic. " width="240" height="320" />

A little more realistic.

Ashley is the proud owner of this wonderful local company that can set up your JHRL unit with a personalized grocery run, arrange private chefs for in-home dinners, and even set up Christmas trees and Valentine’s Day flowers! They can also tidy up your cupboard at the end of your stay and see that leftovers are donated to local food banks. Having your fridge, cupboards, and wine rack fully stocked when you arrive feels like you’ve just been gifted another day of vacation.

Our unit was so conveniently located right in the Village. The kids loved running to the General Store (about a hundred feet away) for milkshakes. Even though we were ridiculously close Jackson Hole Sports, Julie insisted we try out JH Mountain Direct (JHDirect). JHDirect, a service of Jackson Hole Sports, offers more than just ski deliveries. They run a true concierge-level service for skiers and snowboarders. You book the service online, which means you’re already enjoying a 20% discount. Some friendly, helpful soul like General Manager Larry Hartenstein will follow up with a phone call: “What kind of skier are you? Have you skied here before? You planning on skiing all day?” He’ll know how conditions have been and where you might be headed during lessons. Then, he sends over a couple of these cuties:" alt="Patrick and Dan from JHDirect. " width="580" height="362" />

Patrick and Dan from JHDirect. Two jolly men in red suits with sacks of treats!

Dan Gully and Parker Warren showed up like a couple of Santa’s with six pairs of brand new, high performance skis, and a selection of boots." alt="" width="435" height="580" />

Sweet. Brand new Rossi’s.

The kids, sleepy-eyed and shuffling in their pajamas, were wide-awake at the sight of the first-class gear and then in utter disbelief that Dan and Parker could boot-fit them in the living room." alt="Nikita and Mary being fitted for boots in their jammies! True luxury in my book. They would be so irritated if they knew I posted bedhead pics." width="435" height="580" />

Nikita and Mary being fitted for boots in their jammies! True luxury in my book. They would be so irritated if they knew I posted bedhead pics.

JH Mountain Direct can also bring your lift tickets, Mountain Sports School vouchers, and even tell you exactly where to meet your instructor. They are also super nice and know the mountain inside and out. These are the big and little details at JHRL that make you feel like you’re on vacation the very minute you arrive." class="attachment-full" alt="728x90" />

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