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Let's Talk About The Next 3 Days



Snowboarding News | Thursday May 18, 2017 | Shared By: Arapahoe Basin

Maybe, let's talk about today first.
The Pali terrain, accessible from West Wall, re-opened today. I skied The Spine (thought that was over for the season). I experienced many faceshots. The snow is DEEEEEP. Since we reported 9 inches new this morning, it has snowed A LOT. The skiing is amazing. Check out the Snow Cam video on our website.
Pali Lift will re-open Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I don't know about after that.
The skiing is incredible but, I have some very serious suggestions about visiting the next few days. It will be busy. Either get here very early or come in the afternoon. CARPOOL, CARPOOL, CARPOOL. The Summit Stage is running Saturday and Sunday. Ride it if you can. DO NOT PARK ON THE HIGHWAY.
The people that follow my suggestions are going to enjoy themselves. The people that don't are going to be unhappy. Don't be unhappy.

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