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Jackson Hole Land Trust Celebrates Their 35th Anniversary



Snowboarding News | Tuesday August 04, 2015 | Shared By: Jackson Hole

Some of you might be wondering what the big green Jackson Hole Land Trust flags throughout Teton County are all about. Wonder no more! They mark each Land Trust conservation easement to raise awareness of their 35th anniversary. To top it off, View22, a mini project of the Trust, has involved local artists to paint and photograph each land parcel in their personal style. These art pieces will be auctioned off at the annual Land Trust picnic at the Mead Ranch." alt="The Jackson Hole Land Trust flag stands proudly next to the trail at the base of Rock Springs canyon. " width="640" height="764" />

The Jackson Hole Land Trust flag stands proudly next to the trail at the base of Rock Springs canyon.

How does all this relate to Jackson Hole Mountain Resort? There is a very popular conservation easement adjacent to Teton Village that you might not know about. The Rock Springs property, just south of the Hobacks, was designated a conservation easement by the JH Land Trust in 1997. This was just 3 years before JHMR opened its gates to backcountry access and the easement became a popular area for backcountry exploration. The Rock Springs Yurt is located on the northern edge of this easement and is a popular destination for locals and visitors alike." alt="rock-springs-easement" width="541" height="580" />Jackson Hole Mountain Resort owns this 211 acre property, but entrusted the JH Land Trust to protect this land from any future development. Looks like future generations will get to experience the same gorgeous landscape that we do today!

Late last week, Roxanne Pierson, of the JH Land Trust, and I took a hike out to the Rock Springs Canyon property to plant the flag. The trails are great heading south from the resort, and it was my first time on the trail in the summertime. Wildflowers are still in full bloom, but dreaming of the landscape in winter was not hard to do." alt="IMG_8870" width="640" height="427" />

Roxanne prepares to plant the JH Land Trust flag.

We scouted the area for the best spot to plant the flag and decided on an area on the north side of the easement with excellent views of Rock Springs canyon and Rock Springs Buttress.

“Rocks Springs Canyon, a favorite out-of-bounds run for Jackson Hole Mountain Resort backcountry skiers and yurt guests (as well as black bears, moose, elk, mule deer, and raptors) has been protected by an easement that allows recreational uses but eliminates any future development.”

-Jackson Hole Land Trust

Help celebrate Jackson Hole Land Trust’s 35th Anniversary this Sunday, August 9 at the Mead Ranch. Click here for more details.

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