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Get Local: Looking Forward To The Great American Eclipse



Snowboarding News | Wednesday August 02, 2017 | Shared By: Jackson Hole

We all know- IT is coming. IT has been the talk of our small mountain town for over a year now. IT will affect everyone in Jackson Hole for a couple of days and then you can remember what it felt like to be a part of an event that happens on our soil very rarely. IT is historical and we should be looking forward to this opportunity!

The best part about IT is that 99.9% of us have never experienced something like IT. On Monday, August 21st, IT will make us the center of the universe for a short 2 minutes and 21 seconds. People are doing anything they can to be a part of IT, so let’s all just remember how lucky we are to have such easy access to a historical event and special celestial phenomena.

Let’s celebrate IT. Let’s give a big Wyoming welcome to the Great American Eclipse of 2017.

For general information on the eclipse as it pertains to Jackson Hole, visit the Teton Eclipse website.

As we approach the big day, we want to encourage everyone in the valley during the eclipse to keep these things in mind. Here is our guide on how to have a safe and enjoyable eclipse:

  • Purchase viewing glasses– Not only are these glasses crucial for eye protection during the eclipse, they are also a great souvenir and pretty fashionable. But seriously, if you do not use the viewing glasses, you can burn your eyes. If that happens, wait 10 minutes before reporting anything to emergency services.
  • Leave the young ones at home- It is said that young children can be negatively affected if they are looking at the eclipse, so maybe make a plan to leave them at home. Let’s be honest here, they aren’t going to remember the eclipse anyway. So find your best friends daughter who hasn’t gone back to school and ask her to babysit! She probably could use the cash.
  • Tune up your bike- The biggest unknown of the eclipse is going to be traffic. We are expecting a lot of visitors in Jackson Hole, our recommendation would be tune up your bike and ride! You won’t sit in traffic riding a bike.
  • Go to the grocery store- By no means am I encouraging a doomsday preparation, but it isn’t a bad idea to stop by the grocery store in the days leading up to the eclipse and get some essentials. Filling up the gas tank, not a bad idea either, but then again maybe it’s best to just tune up your bike…
  • Pack a picnic-  Following your trip to the grocery store, do as the locals do and enjoy a lunch at a location of your choice. So you know what that means, pack a picnic and dessert! Find a great spot to watch the eclipse, hang out and enjoy yourself like you would on any other summer day in Jackson Hole. But remember, please leave NO trace. Pack it in, pack it out!
  • Come early and stay late- Find yourself a special place. This event will be one you will never forget. Maybe it’s Jenny Lake, maybe it’s the top of Josie’s Ridge, wherever it is, just remember to ‘find your beach’… The best advice we can give you is to start early and stay put after the eclipse is over to avoid the rush on the roads. If you are around Teton Village, enjoy a FREE concert on the commons at 2PM with Pinky and the Floyd as they give us their best rendition of the album Dark Side of the Moon… get it?
  • Take public transportation- If you can’t find that old rusty bike of yours and are looking to help the rest of the valley out, take the START bus! START bus will have increased buses on the day of the eclipse and is FREE! Remember, we are all in this together!
  • Channel your inner 1995- We’ve heard so much about the technological concerns leading up the eclipse. Cell phones may not work! We’ll ask you to channel your inner 1995 and be prepared for a time without cell service. In the event of an emergency, find a landline or text 911, in Teton County that might be the best way to reach emergency services.
  • Pitch a tent- If you are a local or a visitor, this is a great idea. Spending time in the wilderness for an event like this will be a ONCE in a lifetime experience. However, we’d ask that you do follow camping protocol and camp in designated areas. NO camping will be allowed in Stilson or Teton Village. For more information on camping in designated areas, click here.
  • Prepare the day before- If you are one of the lucky few that have a ticket on the Aerial Tram or Sweetwater Gondola -tickets still available for Sweetwater here- we would ask that to ensure a smooth morning of the eclipse, you pick up your tickets at will call the days prior to the eclipse. Will call hours are: August 18-20: 9am-5pm & August 21: 7am-10:30am. Don’t be that guy showing up at the midnight hour, you might not be able to make it up.


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