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Alyeska Resort Snow Report 4 09 15



Snowboarding News | Thursday April 09, 2015 | Shared By: Alyeska Resort

Current Conditions as of 10:00 AM Thursday, April 09, 2015


New Snow Last 12h: Trace"

New Snow Last 24h: 0"

Avg. Snow Depth: 8"

Temp (F): 34

Wind (MPH): 0-5 mph

Visibility: Good

Conditions: High Clouds

Snow Conditions - Main Trails: Groomed Snow

Snow Conditions - Off Trail: N/A

Mid Mountain:

New Snow Last 12h: 5"

New Snow Last 24h: 7"

Avg. Snow Depth: 37"

Temp (F): 29

Wind (MPH): 10-20 mph

Visibility: Fair

Conditions: Snow

Snow Conditions - Main Trails: Fresh Snow

Snow Conditions - Off Trail: Powder

Top of Glacier Bowl Express:

New Snow Last 12h: 7"

New Snow Last 24h: 9"

Avg. Snow Depth: 111"

Temp (F): 25

Wind (MPH): 15-25 mph

Visibility: Poor

Conditions: Snow

Snow Conditions - Main Trails: Powder

Snow Conditions - Off Trail: Powder

Total Snowfall This Season: 413"

Mountain Updates:

It is going to be another fine day of stormy powder turns at the top of the mountain! Over 6" has stacked up overnight and more is falling. We are now over 400" of snowfall for the season and have over 111"" of snow at the top of Glacier Bowl Express. Come dressed for the weather, bring your powder skis and amber lenses for an April powder day!

The Inside Line:

The 38th Annual

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