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Crash Pads Saved My Butt



Snowboarding News | Wednesday March 14, 2012 | Shared By: Ken Price

Crash Pads Product Review

Crash Pads saved my Butt!

In late February my son and I headed up the hill to get in a couple hours of riding Mt. Hood. When we arrived in the lot, it was 31 degrees and wet heavy snow was falling. Neither one of us immediately jumped out of the car to get geared up and finally my son said, "the weather sucks, let's go" so we headed home. When we arrived home, I had a dual composite bin in my garage that was taking up half the garage so I decided today was the day to assemble this thing. I spent the next 6 hours on cold, hard cement crawling around on my hands and knees with the majority of the time on my butt reading instructions. I hate these kinds of projects because I'm always sore when I finish but this time only the palms of my hands ached. Then it hit me..... I still had my Crash Pads Pro-Pant shorts on under my sweat bottoms. With all the padding and built in "tail shield" I felt great and didn't realize I still had them on as they were completely non-restricting. 

A couple weeks later a buddy of mine came to visit and wanted to try snowboarding for the first time. He's getting up there in age (late 30's) and is really not at the optimal age to ride for the first time but I told him I had him covered. I showed him the Crash Pads Pro-Pant with Tail Shield and the Upper Body garment. He thought they wouldn't breath well and he would get hot but I told him to wear them during the first day and if he didn't like them he could take them off the second day. He said he was comfortable all day and hardly knew he had them on and best of all, he wasn't "that" sore and wasn't overly warm. He loved them! I managed to wrestle them away from him the second day as I wanted to try both the top and shorts out for comfort. Although I didn't fall much, I was surprised how they fit and I rode most of the day with just the Crash Pads Upper Body and a light shell and was very comfortable.

I would highly recommend the Crash Pads products and can't wait for spring to start mt. biking as I know I will take some hard falls, as I usually do, but Crash Pads will give me that little extra piece of mind and hopefully "save my butt" once again. 

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FEATURED: Crash Pads | Thermal Long Underwear - 2200 | Pro-Pant with Tail Shield - 2500 | Crash Pads Upper Body |