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Zeal's Z3 Gps Goggles



Snowboarding News | Thursday April 12, 2012 | Shared By:

Zeal GPS Googles Review...

We were recently contacted by Zeal Optics to give their new Z3 GPS goggles a test drive this winter while riding my favorite resort in Oregon, Mt. Hood Meadows. The goggles have what's called a "Mod Live" system which basically means they have bluetooth capabilities and can be controlled by a small remote device (looks like a watch) that can be attached to the goggles themselves or worn on your wrist like a watch. There is a small color display located in the lower righthand corner of the goggles which the device will control.

Upon reviewing the goggles online I was somewhat skeptical about the idea of a display inside your goggles inhibiting the ability to fully view your surroundings. My initial thought was "I want to see where I'm going and not be distracted by the display". 

When the package arrived at my office I couldn't wait to rip into the box. My first impression was these goggles are a thing of beauty. With their carbon matte finish, extra wide viewing area, and photochromic and polarized lens, I couldn't wait to strap these babies on and get on the hill. I had to remind myself though, although these look really cool, how they function on the mountain is the real test. Will they fog up? Will they be comfortable? And my major concern, will the display be distracting? 

Cool look, check.... no fog, check.... comfortable, check.... anti-glare, check.... and the big question (drum roll please) is the built in display a non-distraction? check.... The developers of the Z3 GPS googles thought this one through and positioned the display in the lower right hand corner so that one actually has to look for the display. As I rode, I didn't even notice the display but when I did want to view it, it was very easy to view by just looking down in the corner.

What I personally enjoyed most about the Z3 GPS goggles were the little features such as viewing the time and temperature. I hate tearing my gloves off and adjusting the sleeves on my jacket to see what time it is. If you enjoy riding with music the goggles will operate your mp3 player so you don't have to dig into your jacket to turn up the volume or switch to a new playlist. What if your phone rings and it's your boss checking in on you? Just look at the display and view your incoming call. Other features include tracking your vertical feet, what runs you did, how fast you went, how far you jumped, where to park, where to eat, I could go on and on.

What I found really exciting is that after a full day on the mountain you can bring the Z3 GPS goggles home and download all your stats onto your computer. You can view each run in satellite view and watch as you ride a wide open groomer then dart off into the trees as it tracks every turn. You can even share information with your friends on Facebook and they can view which runs you did and all your other stats. Be careful.... make sure your boss is not one of your friends if you called in sick that day! If you want a pair of goggles that pretty much do everything except make a pizza, I suggest you look into these. 

For more information on the Z3 GPS goggles with Mod Live technology check out Zeal Optics' official website at

Author: Ken Price
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Zeal Z3 GPS Goggles


The next generation of GPS goggles from Zeal Optics is here!

The mountain takes on a whole new perspective with the most advanced optics and GPS technology. The lenses offer proprietary One-Lens™ technology that incorporates a polarized filter that not only cuts 99.9 percent of glare from the sun and slopes to reduce eye fatigue, but also automatically adjusts to varying light levels, going from a light yellow tint in low light, to a dark rose/brown tint in brighter light. The Zeal Blend™ lens tint enhances contrast and slope definition comes alive, making your skiing adventure remarkable.

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