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You Want A Custom You Want A Custom



Snowboarding News | Tuesday September 08, 2015 | Shared By: Signal Snowboards

You want a custom! Trust me, it’s the best! It's the ultimate opportunity to bring your favorite moments or images to life! Here at our Custom Shop you will use the board builder to pick any board that we make. Then you have the option to choose from any of our graphics. Want a John Jackson graphic on the Park Series? Or maybe you want a Troubadour graphic on the Wavelength? Do it! If you’re a creative type or just have the itch to design you own top graphic, we let you do that as well. You hit upload art and use the tool to center your graphics the way you want them. Just remember we will need high res art at 300dpi to make that graphic for you.  That means you need a very high-resolution image to make your graphic look right.

If you’re in line for a new board this year we suggest you check out the Custom Shop. It’s fun app to play with regardless. There are only two base options as of right now for Customs, you can go with the classic Beacon Logo or the Signal Script Logo. But hey, it’s classic and you get to go nuts on the top sheet!

Our factory at your finger tips! Happy Building!

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