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Yobeat Readers Choice Awards



Snowboarding News | Friday December 07, 2012 | Shared By: Ashbury Eyewear

CLICK HERE to go vote for Yobeat’s Reader’s Choice awards! You should vote for whoever you want really, but my personal suggestions are Jed Anderson for Rider of the Year because he snowboards for us and films the best parts without even trying. Then vote for Videograss’ Enlighten because we sponsor it and it’s one of my movies and there are Ashbury riders in it, voting for DWD would be tight too though because it’s DWD and Chris Brewster rides for us. Then there’s rookie of the year where I would vote for either Mike Ravelson or Danimals because they are good and ride for Ashbury. Basically, I suggest voting for anyone with any affiliation with Ashbury, but you should do what you want.

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