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Yes Its A Movie 2 In Chile



Snowboarding News | Friday September 28, 2012 | Shared By: Yes Snowboards

Santiago , Chile August 31st , 2012
Chile’s capital , Santiago, rests at the bottom of 60 switchbacks carved into the Andes Mountains winding up to Valle Nevado . To the west, the beautiful rugged coast, is only a couple hours away where Sea Wolves share waves with avid surfers. This time of the year, bigger boards are a must.
Chile is one of my favorite places to travel to. I love the culture, the language, the people, the mountains and the waves . So this summer (South Americas’ winter) I decided to take one more trip to Chile for a little bit of boarding! It was amazing. I rode great pow, hiked a bunch, got to Heli 1 day with the Mekis Brothers, our south American Yes distributers and dear friends. It seemed natural that with the new movie in the can we treat the locals to a showing.
The event started with a skate Jam with a few kids at bowl park right in the hearth of Malls Sport at the bottom of the switch backs. Kids were going off – there’s so many good skaters in this town!
Then we invited everyone in to join us for a Corona and some food from BBB, burgers and empanadas. Buena Onda! Everyone seemed to enjoy that part a lot, and they were able to check out the yes catalogues and boards on display as well as buying raffle tickets to win prizes for our fundraisers. This year the fundraising was for the building of a new skate-ramp at Buchupureo, a few hours south of the Capital. This is part of what the Mekis do; they build ramps around the nation and teach kids to skate. In fact, the premier was hosted at their own bowl park. Also, we gave a framed picture recognition present to Claudio Dre , a graffiti artist that painted all the walls around the park. We foreran our movie with a little clip of him painting the park followed by Jeremy Jones’ new adventure Further.
Many people showed up including various snowboard teams from North America and Europe. Billabong team including Eero Niemala, Jamie Anderson, Helen Schettini (YES rider) as well as guys like skater Spiro Razis, Shane Polpisil ,gabe langlois , Kohl Christiensen even popped in for a few and Sharon and all the compadres I met the last 3 weeks . It was awesome.!
Gracias amigos para venir !
It was also my first time watching the movie and I was thrilled to share the excitement with my new friends from Chile that have been so generous and welcoming. It was a treat to share with them our yearly newest project .
Man the movie is good…Good music and well done, Thanks to Paul Watt , timmy tim tim and Dustin Ortiz, as well as the whole YES team.
Coronas were flying, Carlos de Spy Optics was capturing the moment. I even got to meet Miss Chile 2012 Camilla Recabarren , gave her a Yes shirt.
People screamed when the CHILE section came in, it was great! Good thing we just had a week of pow up in the mountain cause the new flick defiantly makes you wanna ride pow a lot …nothing wrong with this!
The party continued downtown with crew and had the privilege to listen to some unique Chilean reggae with the most amazing female singer and chorus. When they played a Marley song, it was all over …party was on till the early morn!

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