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White Noise Enni Rukjarvi



Snowboarding News | Thursday July 31, 2014 | Shared By: Snowboarder Mag" alt="WhiteNoise-EnniRukajarvi-July14-630" width="630" height="354" />

Over the past couple of winters, Enni Rukäjarvi has asserted herself as one of the best female snowboarders in the world and while doing so, has amassed a collection of shiny hardwear, including an X Games gold and silver, as well as a silver medal from the Olympics in Sochi. While Enni has staked her claim on snow with 720′s, off hill she’s listening to seven inches, with a personal soundtrack that has the energy to amplify her abilities on slopestyle courses the world over. From the moment she entered the competitive arena, Enni has let her riding do the talking. In this edition of White Noise, she trades in podium medals for triangle studs and lets her musical preference provide the melody. So check out her favorite snowboarding songs, add a few to your playlist, and while you may not be able to throw down like this lady does on massive booters, these tunes will definitely add to your street cred.

Name: Enni Rukajärvi
Home Resort:
Ruka, Finland
Burton, Red Bull, Elisa, Ruka/Kuusamo

First Tracks (music that wakes you up): Finnish Punk.

Pow Ballad (favorite song to ride pow to): I don’t have one favorite song, but some of Social Distortion’s songs.

Jib Jam (favorite song to jib to): “Old White Lincoln”, The Gaslight Anthem." alt="Enni-Rukajarvi-mammoth-huggy-630" width="630" height="434" />

p: Huggy

Rock Ride (what song pumps you up the most during a session): “I Drink the Wine”, Murder City Devils.

Cool Down (what’s your mellow post riding song): “Ash”, Murder By Death.

Pre Aprés (what do you listen to before you go out at night): Old classic rock songs, Finnish punk or the best would be live music played by my friends.

What is your favorite video part song of all-time? “Hurricane”, Bod Dylan.

What video part song that you’ve used have you been most stoked on? “Like Dylan”, Highway Burns.

If you could be one rock star, who would it be? Mike Ness." alt="enni-dew-huggy-630" width="630" height="446" />

p: Huggy

Simple Guilty Pleasures (what are you ashamed to admit you actually like): “Take On Me”, A-Ha.

Turn it Down (music you can’t stand): Dubstep.

Turn it Off (worst song ever): “Danza Kuduro”, Don Omar or Finnish version of “Mammat Riivaa”, Ruudolf & Karrikoira." alt="Enni_Yosh-630" width="630" height="420" />

p: Mike Yoshida

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