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Wear Recycled Plastic Bottles This Earth Day Give Back To The Planet With Roxy And Reprever



Snowboarding News | Tuesday April 22, 2014 | Shared By: Roxy

We believe that every ROXY girl wants to do her part for the planet. Whether it’s doing a special volunteer activity to give back on Earth Day or celebrating Mother Nature all year long, we are inspired to do the same.

Select styles of our boardshorts are now made with Repreve ®, a recycled fiber made from recycling plastic bottles. By using Repreve, we are using less petroleum and emitting fewer greenhouse gasses, helping to conserve precious natural resources. Even better, the fabric created in the process looks good, feels soft and is easier on the environment, making ROXY greener one product at a time!

Our Line Up Recycled Boardshorts are a team and fan favorite. Plus, they’re made with 7 recycled bottles! (Yep, that’s right…7 recycled plastic bottles)!" width="703" height="469" />

#ROXYOutdoorFitness Line Up Recycled Boardshort" width="667" height="1000" />

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We also chatted with some of our ROXY team riders to find out how they celebrate Earth Day:

“Keep it simple. Get outside and enjoy the mountains with good people” –Robin Van Gyn

“I like to celebrate by incorporating little things, like walking to the beach to surf or riding my bike, planting some flowers in my new garden and using solar powered lights around the garden or lighting candles around the house” -Rosy Hodge 

“I will be outside! Snowboarding, exploring the mountains natural terrain come snow, wind or rain” –Aimee Fuller

“To celebrate Earth Day, I’m going to turn off the TV & computers and read a good book” -Lisa Andersen

“I always try to fill up 2 glass bottles with water before leaving the house so I don’t have to waste plastic ones. I’m still sort of bad at bringing my own bags to the store, so on Earth Day I will make it my goal to put bags in my car and not take any home from the store!” -Monyca Eleogram 

“The collective consciousness and appreciation towards nature on earth day is extra special, yet I believe we should celebrate the earth everyday! I aim to reduce, reuse and recycle. There are so many ways to “protect our planet” so let’s make an effort together so we and future generations can keep enjoying our natural playgrounds” –Kjersti Buass

“I grew up in a household with no dishwasher and a clothes dryer used very rarely. Our mother has always encouraged my sisters and I to hang our washing out in the sun each day and wash our own dishes; to live without relying on energy wasting dryers. The bonus is that the sunshine acts as a natural antibacterial agent, so in fact it’s highly hygienic to utilize the sun’s warmth instead of creating it with electricity” -Stephanie Gilmore

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