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Watch Sal Masekela Take Julia Mancuso Surfing In The Black Sea



Snowboarding News | Sunday February 23, 2014 | Shared By: Nixon

Nixon | Sal Masekela Black Sea Surfing

When Sal Masekela arrived in Sochi over two weeks ago, while the rest of the media had their eye on the living conditions, he and fellow NBC Olympic Commentator Todd Richards couldn't help but notice waves breaking off the coast—waves that looked fit to surf.

Sal tracked down a local that shapes his own boards using simple tools to learn more about the Sochi surf scene and enough wetsuits to invite Olympic Skier Julia Mancuso to join in their Black Sea paddle out. Watch the video of Sal and Julia's Sochi surf adventure via the NBC Olympic Zone.

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Post by Sal Masekela.

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