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Vonzipper Seeing Is Believing



Snowboarding News | Thursday July 28, 2011 | Shared By: Breanna Warner

The Retina Revolutionaries at VonZipper will be heading to Surigao del Norte, Philippines, with Physicians for Peace on September 14, to give the gift of sight to people struggling with significant visual impairments and eye diseases.  The week long mission, which will include clinical care, eye exams and customized fittings with thousands of donated VonZipper optical frames, is apart of VonZipper’s direct one-for-one initiative, Charity for Clarity: With every pair of glasses sold from VonZipper Optical, a pair will be given to someone in need.

“Our Charity for Clarity program is the corner stone of our optical collection. When we launched it in 2010, we based the offering in the sprit of giving back to those who could really use the help while making a profound impact on someone’s life,” said, Co-Founder Greg “GT” Tomlinson. “Giving the gift of sight is a life-changing experience. Can you imagine seeing rainbows, reading the fine print or those amazing waves in Surigao del Norte for the first time?!”

Ninety percent of the world’s blind population lives in developing countries, and the majority of these cases are preventable. Without assistance, thousands without resources who were in dire need of prescriptive glasses would go without. When looking for a team that could help carry out VonZipper’s “Charity for Clarity” mission, it was an easy decision to team up with Physicians for Peace and build their direct cause initiative through the organization’s well established Seeing Clearly program.

The Physicians for Peace program, established in 2006, has already provided thousands of patients with quality eye care services, including exams, glasses and surgery. Through focused training sessions, Seeing Clearly volunteers from the U.S. and the Philippines empower local eye care professionals and community health workers to deliver better care to their own communities – ensuring that the aid provided is both meaningful and lasting.

“We are thrilled to partner with VonZipper for this important effort,” said Brig. Gen. Ron Sconyers (USAF, Ret.), president and CEO of Physicians for Peace. “In the Philippines, where Seeing Clearly is based, more than half a million people are blind, and many more are visually impaired. VonZipper’s generous donation of frames will truly help give the gift of sight to those who need it most.”

Fighting for the right of sight, VonZipper and their one-for-one Optical Collection will continue the retina revolution through 2011 and beyond.
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