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Volcom Presents A Little Moore: Pat Moore Full Part



Snowboarding News | Monday November 30, 2015 | Shared By: Snowboarder Mag

There’s few snowboarders who could put out the sheer number of video parts that Pat Moore has to his name and consistently expand on their shot repertoire with every passing season with even burlier segments of ever more impressive riding. This New Hampshire-raised, Salt Lake local continues to raise the bar each year through both his urban and off piste exploits and during the winter of 2015, Pat took down man-made transition from Utah to New York and pilfered steep, powder stashes from Alaska to Italy. You can watch the episodic account of his season through the Blueprint 2 series, but his plentiful hammers have been collected by Volcom for yet another impressive segment from Pat, aptly entitled, A Little Moore.

Watch more of Pat Moore’s Blueprint 2 and check out the Volcom Pat Moore Collection.

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