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Viva Familia



Snowboarding News | Tuesday September 29, 2015 | Shared By: Signal Snowboards

Why? Because you're family.

Signal is a friends and family run business. From day one it’s been about building something special. Not just a vanity project or a small brand that just sells traditional products, but one that pushes the boundaries and finds new ways to connect with others that share the same passions in life. Mountain culture, shredding, music, travel and just overall badassary that finds that thing, you know that thing I’m talking about? That thing inside of all of us, that when tapped into, continues to inspire every hour of every day to create and build something truly unique.

We are here and you are family. Here is a glimpse into what we have going on in the coming months. New boards like the John Jackson along with boards for kids, and Mr. Fun are building out our line like never before.  We have a new show dropping in November inspired by ETT. And finally, Signal 6 will be expanding into a much more robust program with offerings that have the potential to change the game. So cheers to the future! And again, thank you for all your support. Riders from around the world continue to inspire us and we believe together we can accomplish anything.

Viva Familia!



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