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Videograss World Tour Nyc And Montreal



Snowboarding News | Wednesday November 30, -0001 | Shared By: Vans

Words and photos: Larry Nuñez

Last week the Videograss World Tour took on the East Coast, as Vans brought the new releases "Darkside" and "Enlighten" to New York City and Montreal. With the help of WeSC and Snowboarder Magazine in NYC, Vans Team Rider and Videograss co-founder Darrell Mathes hosted a packed house in the Lower East Side's Tammany Hall for the mid-week party with free beer and Vans giveaways for everyone. The City's shredders came out in force to support the Videograss crew and celebrate the return of winter. Now New Yorkers Danny Kass and Jed Anderson were on hand to hang with the homies, along with locals like Ryan Dewitt from [url=]Vans[/url], Tracy Anderson from [url=]WeSC[/url], Brad Clarke from [url=][/url], Craig Wetherby from [url=]TheGoodLife![/url], Kate Platz from Nixon and many more. Snowboarder Magazine was there too with free copies of the new issue and [url=]posted a full recap of the night on[/url].


After a long night in the LES, we grabbed TheCPDC's Chris Prosser and rallied up to Montreal for the second showing in as many nights. With foggy heads and a few missed turns later, we crossed the border just in time to make the movies at Centre Phi in Montreal's Old Port neighborhood. Videograss stars and Vans Canada Team Riders Phil Jacques and Benji Ritchie came through for handshakes and high fives, while Vans Canada's Bobby Gascon kept everyone in good spirits. After the premiere, we wandered the streets admiring the cool surroundings. Walking around Montreal is like stepping back in time, as the French Canadian city is filled with historic architecture and lots of fun bars, restaurants and nightclubs. [url=]You can check out more photos from New York City[/url] and [url=]Montreal on the vanssnow tumblr blog...[/url]

Special thanks to WeSC, Snowboarder Magazine, Dave Delzio from [url=]Tammany Hall [/url] and Bobby Gascon [url=]Vans Canada[/url].

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