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Venture Snowboards Opens South American Demo Center



Snowboarding News | Thursday August 01, 2013 | Shared By: Venture Snowboards

Venture Snowboards and Sledchile Backcountry Adventures have teamed up to open a South American demo center in Malalcahuello, Chile. 

The demo center, called Freeride, is located at the base of the Lonquimay Volcano and Corralco Ski Resort. Freeride will maintain a fleet of Venture’s solid boards, splitboards and powder surfers, as well as a few pairs of Icelantic skis.


Venture Demo Center Venture & SledChile


Sledchile is run by Chilean national Cesar Gibert. The company has been offering custom tours of the Araucania backcountry in the Southern Andes and Patagonia since 2007, when Gibert started Sledchile as a way to combine his passions for snowboarding and Motocross racing. Clients can choose to explore via snowmobiles, splitboards, or a combination of both. 

“We are very excited to be working with Venture. I was able to ride the Zelix 163/26 for a few weeks this past season in Colorado and since we started riding here in early June, it has been my board of choice,” says Gibert. “Being able to offer a touring option to our customers is awesome, as the zones we access during storms are below tree line and wind sheltered. There are good options up here for tree riding, and splitboards are a great tool to access those lines. As we are exploring new terrain the combination of the snowmobiles and the touring equipment allows us to reach even further.”

Venture’s Sales Manager Jerome Boulay, who spends three months a year south of the equator, is also enthusiastic about the partnership. “Given our focus on producing high quality freeride boards, collaborating with Sledchile is a natural. The terrain they are accessing in and around Malalcahuello is exactly what our boards are designed for – steep, deep, and wide open bowls. Together we can offer a superior experience to riders seeking the never ending winter.”

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