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Troll Rotten Two



Snowboarding News | Sunday January 24, 2016 | Shared By: Snowboarder Mag

Rotten Marcus posts up at Trollhaugen and targets his lens on Austin Young, Logan Herber, Tanner Seymour, Kyle Kennedy, Jeffy Gabrick, Jared McDaniel, Jesse Paul, Chris “Murphy” Duncan, Bob Abrams, Ryan Paul, and Mike Skiba.

There’s some salient vibes (metaphorical vibes, though we acknowledge Riff Raff’s infectious flow) in Marcus’ new Troll edit that merit examination. As Trollhaugen is a venue where trick trends are habitually fashioned, it’s always a good idea to suss out patterns in the Troll park, an established breeding grown for innovation that can act as an insightful weathervane for telling what genre of tricks will be revamped next. One new tendency sticks out in this one: grabbing board while sliding rail. Why not? It was always the best way of racking up the combo points in Amped 2.

Film/Edit: Marcus Rand

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