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Totally Ripping With E Jack And The Trs Snowboard



Snowboarding News | Thursday October 06, 2016 | Shared By: Lib Technologies

Good Wood Winning Good Times on the Total Ripper Series!

If you’ve seen the “The Fourth Phase” than you’ve seen what Lib Ripper Eric Jackson and the Lib Tech TRS snowboard can do. Charging impossibly steep lines, floating deep pow, stomping natural spins and buttering to switch back five whatever overhanging cornice litters the hydrological highway. Add to this the option of the ultra light high performance Firepower Construction and another Transworld Snowboarding Good Wood award and you start to get the picture, the XC2 Total Ripper Series is straight up phenomenal. But this is just the latest greatest moment in both the TRS and Eric Jackson’s storied careers." alt="Lib Tech TRS Snowboard" width="980" height="600" srcset=" 980w, 460w, 768w, 640w, 100w, 800w" sizes="(max-width: 980px) 100vw, 980px" />

The TRS has always been team driven and focused, following a lineage of the world’s best Rippers since it’s introduction to the Lib Tech line in ’01/’02. What began as a park focused competition killer for the likes of Jakob Wilhelmsson, Marku Koski, Martin Cernik and Jesse Burtner eventually morphed in to an all mountain freestyle dagger. This change precipitated by riders like Blair Habenicht and Eric Jackson moving out of the park (with his bag of tricks with him) past the black diamonds in to the ski area suburbs and beyond." alt="Eric Jackson - Lib Tech Snowboards Team Rider" width="900" height="599" srcset=" 900w, 460w, 640w, 600w, 100w, 800w" sizes="(max-width: 900px) 100vw, 900px" />

Eric Jackson

It’s this progression that finely tuned the TRS to what is today; an aggressive all mountain surgical device. Or in other words, “a good times fun hog”, featuring Ultralight Spin-Slim tips and tails, balsa core, TNT base, Magne-Traction® and the aggressive XC2 rocker banana hybrid. “X” is for X-treme! Because XC2 is the most aggressive of the C2 contours, steep cambers under the feet and minimal rocker between the legs. Or as our experiMENTAL engineer Steven Cobb likes to say “Short Banana, big coconuts!” It’s this aggressive snap and incredible stability that allow E-jack to emerge from the pow smiling time and time again, beard caked in snow looking like the Abominable Snow Man. See the video and learn more about the TRS, TRS Firepower and TRS Narrows." alt="Eric Jackson Snowboarder" width="980" height="600" srcset=" 980w, 460w, 768w, 640w, 100w, 800w" sizes="(max-width: 980px) 100vw, 980px" />

Eric Jackson

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