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Tim Major Takes The Turkey At The Tenth Annual Cease And Desist At Loon Mountain



Snowboarding News | Tuesday December 01, 2015 | Shared By: Snowboarder Mag

words: Mary Walsh

photos: Mary Walsh and Mike Azevedo

On Saturday evening, November 28, once Thanksgiving leftovers had been digested and the remaining effects of turkey-induced tryptophan had dissipated, a gaggle of snow-hungry boarders made their way to the trails above the Govenor’s baselodge at Loon Mountain for the tenth annual Cease and Desist. The sky was dark, generators roared and spotlights flickered above a proper early winter, multi-level set up erected by the industrious Loon Park Crew, including two new wide, metal kinked ledges, ready to be broken in for the season.

While many mountains hold a rail jam kick off near the start of winter, few grassroots openers boast the storied heritage of Cease and Desist. It is an early season event of many names, first called Thanksjibbing until a surprising letter from another event far away geographically, but with the same name forced the Loon crew to give the contest a new moniker. For at least one year, it was The Event Formerly Known as Thanksjibbing or TEFKATJ for short, which is honestly much catchier than it initially seems. But then, that title was retired and Cease and Desist seemed fitting and has stuck ever since. Throughout the name change ups, Cease and Desist has remained a unique event in the East Coast snowboarding calendar. It has maintained a decidedly grassroots feel with an unassuming yet high quality set up, causing a majority of the riders who have risen through the ranks in New England over the past decade to have competed in the jam. In the first-ever Thanksjibbing, Lucas Magoon was topped the podium on the men’s side. Since then Mike Rav, Johnny O’Connor, Zach Normandin, Parker Szumowski, Nick Doucette, Dylan Dragotta, Tanner McCarty, The New England Stud, Rob Hallowell, Eugene Stancato, Christine Carelli, and many more have dropped into the inventive set ups proffered by the park staff for the Thanksgiving contest.

At the tenth edition of the event, over fifty snowboarder hiked the jibs, laying into presses, gapping to the downs, spinning off the pole jam and putting it between the bindings through the kinks. Crews had come to Loon from all over New England. River Richer, Parker Zoom, Christian Manhard, Jed Sky, Chris Depaula, River Richer, Morris Gifford, Dennis Filteau Rob Hallowell, Merrick Joyce and SNOWBOARDER’s own Brendan Hart were in the fray. All-around contest dominator Katie Kennedy was sending it along with fellow female rippers, Ashley Giangregorio, Maggie Leon, Kim Edmunds, and Athena Gomeau. Backflips were thrown, River and bff Luke Giacopelli had the mellowest pseudo-collision ever on the flat-down ledge, yung Big Mike was in attendance. Brendon Rego, CSM, Tyler Davis and Ryan Manning judged the proceedings, handing out cash for tricks that impressed. In the end, ten years after Gooner blazed into New Hampshire and took the victory, fellow Vermonter Tim Major went home with the Cease and Desist title, a wad of cash and a frozen Butterball turkey to extend his Thanksgiving leftovers. Cheers to all the winners and thanks to the crew at Loon for a great tenth anniversary edition of Cease and Desist.



First place – Tim Major

Second place – Parker Szumowski

Third place – Rob Hallowell


First place – Katie Kennedy

Second place – Athena Gomeau

Third place – Ashley Giangregorio

Grom winner – River Hutchinson

Best trick – Jed Sky

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