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Think Thank Special Project Presents Right Turn Left Turn Full Movie



Snowboarding News | Friday October 31, 2014 | Shared By: Snowboarder Mag

Think Thank Special Project’s Right Turn Left Turn is a deconstructed snowboard video examining the simple pleasures of the shred experience. Featuring Max Warbington, Frederik Perry, Jesse Burtner, Chris Beresford, Summit X Think Thank and Chris Larson. Out now on BluRay/DVD combo and on iTunes. How do you get down?

Download Right Turn Left Turn to watch after this 48-hour weekend premiere is over!

The Think Thank Special Projects crew was born of decades of snowboarding, snowboard video production, the inherent restrictions found within the “shred flick for profit” model and a long-standing desire to bring an uncompromising artistic message to their movies. The first Special Project release, Right Turn Left Turn, seeks out a space in which to express their love affair with snowboarding, the snowboard video and artistic expression for its own sake. Director Jesse Burtner’s long-standing conversation with snowboarding as a lifestyle and art form has found its purest form to date in this project. A white world is entered, a metaphysical space entirely of the snowboard industry yet somehow unaffected by it. An artistic expression about snowboarding that is not a commodity on the exposure markets but rather a painting on a wall that is meant to be viewed, discussed, liked and or disliked. With humor, the artful lenses of Ross Philips and Christina Burtner, a syncopated pace of DIY action, music and locations Right Turn Left Turn puts the viewer in the video, in the crew and in a frame of mind to enjoy whatever time they get on hill. Head in to the white world of Right Turn Left Turn and be reminded of just why one snowboards: friends, adventure, culture, tricks, new experiences, wine, powder and laughter.

“One day I rode from the tram at Alyeska to the quad, during summer camp. I rode as slow as I could, and just looked at my board, the way it carved the slush, the feeling of it all, the peaceful freedom, the enjoyment. It stripped down the experience of it all, I didn’t think about the jumps and rails waiting for me in the Glacier Bowl or the filming we were going to do or the ramifications of the end product of the entire endeavor, I just checked out and tuned in. This movie is my best representation of that feeling.” Jesse Burtner.

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