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Snowboarding News | Sunday September 28, 2014 | Shared By: Snowboarder Mag

In late April the entire Think Thank crew descended upon The Summit at Snoqualmie for three days of progression through creativity called Summit X Think Thank. No rules, no judgements, just the crew, a bunch of rubble, a whole bunch of tubes and enough shovels and creativity to turn absolute chaos and wild ideas into new tricks. All the clips we’re compiled here as part of Think Thank Special Project’s Right Turn Left Turn, a deconstructed snowboard video examining the simple pleasures of the shred experience. Out now on BluRay/DVD combo and on iTunes. Right Turn Left Turn features Max Warbington, Frederik Perry, Jesse Burtner, Chris Beresford, Summit X Think Thank and Chris Larson. How do you get down?

Original score by Alaskan, long time snowboarder and Think Thank musical contributor Robi Gonzalez.

Purchase your copy of Right Turn Left Turn on iTunes.

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