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The Snowboarder Movie Sfd



Snowboarding News | Saturday September 12, 2015 | Shared By: Snowboarder Mag

SFD is not just a saying. It’s a movement. An ideology. An approach. A choice made deliberately to dedicate one’s life to snowboarding’s counter-culture philosophy. Last winter, SNOWBOARDER Magazine hand-picked sixteen riders whom we believed to encompass this philosophy and sent them around the world to make the best snowboard movie of the year. From Japan to Canada and the United States to Europe, the SFD crew found the deepest powder, the darkest city streets and the most pristine park jumps to showcase their world-renowned skills on and the result is a snowboard film that will be talked about for ages. Tag along as Bryan Fox, Forest Bailey, Hans and Nils Mindnich, Jess Kimura, Mark Sollors, Ethan Deiss, Jake Olson-Elm, Scott Blum, Lucas Magoon, Blake Paul, Dustin Craven, Jake Blauvelt, Jess Kimura, Iikka Backstrom, Jake Welch and friends show the world why they’re not just committed to snowboarding…they’re SFD for life.

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