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The Road To Holy Bowly; Rock And Roll Express Re Lived



Snowboarding News | Tuesday March 15, 2016 | Shared By: Lib Technologies

The most innovative, progressive and soul quenching snowboard park session, the Holy Bowly, is back! From April 11th to 17th, Mammoth Mountain will host snowboarding’s most soulful session of friendly freestyle camaraderie. Where riders from around the world converge on snowboarding’s premiere bowl park pushing levels of fun and flow to new heights. Even though we’re a month out from Holy Bowly it’s all we can think about so the Road to Holy Bowly 2016 starts now! To kick it off were remembering the legendary 2014 road trip the “Rock and Roll Express”. Jamie Lynn, Temple Cummins, Wes Makepeace and crew’s RV adventure from Seattle to Park City and back (did they ever make it back?) that “ignited a wildfire of hobo-ism” that many are still riding. Check out the full edit of the adventure and a Tim Zimmerman gallery up now at And get ready for your own #roadToHolyBowly whether it’s a slushy turn, your own bowl park creation, a skate session or even finger boarding in your cereal bowl, it’s all leading up to the Holy Bowly!

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