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The Middle Path Project Trailer An Ecoconscious Shred Series



Snowboarding News | Thursday September 10, 2015 | Shared By: Snowboarder Mag

The Middle/Path Project’s core principle is moderation. It’s an admirable notion: indulge—but not too much or too little. Find that perfect measure of pleasure that doesn’t knock nature. Yet like most admirable notions—let’s say using reusable grocery bags, which always seem to be forgotten at home when needed—it is not always easily incorporated into one’s lifestyle and routine, especially as we are not yet directly confronting the malicious symptoms of Earth’s growing malady. Sean Fithian, Matt Wainhouse, Tyler Morton, Forest Burki, Ian Wood, Jordan Ingmire, as well as other guardians of the glades, spent last winter living with nature, sustainability, conservation, and healthy living at the forefront of their thoughts. The goal of their film series is to educate, elevate and entertain through traveling and snowboarding, and show that the negative effects of extravagant consumption and anti-green habits are already manifesting. From the looks of the teaser, it won’t be any bland PBS special, but a real, honest translation of environmental concerns voiced by a select crew of athletic activists who have an intimate relationship with the natural elements. Dropping this Fall!

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