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The Launch Presented By Volcom Day 3 Photos And Recap



Snowboarding News | Friday April 17, 2015 | Shared By: Snowboarder Mag

words: Mary Walsh

captions: T. Bird

photos: Ryan “Huggy” Hughes, Mike Yoshida, Aaron Blatt, E-Stone, T. Bird and Mary Walsh

Mammoth in April is a great place to be. You can pretty much count on sunny blue skies overhead and underfoot, spring conditions in Main Park are kept in check by the Unbound staff’s spork and salt affinity. The Chair 6 lap provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy warm weather boarding not only because of the efficiency of the ride to the top but also because on each chair up riding over the park, you never miss anything that’s happening below. Day 3 of The Launch presented by Volcom typified a perfect day of spring park laps as the bevy Launch attendees stacked the liftline and sent it on each and every feature in the park.

Trying to catch everything going down in Main Park on Day 3 was like attempting to watch kernels of popcorn explode. Quick Chair 6 laps provided ample opportunity for The Launch riders to stack—the results of their efforts will be best viewed when The Launch videos drop next week, but until then, a very abbreviated preview of what went down in Main Park on Day 3 includes plentiful hammers from Boris Mouton, Ryland West, Brandon Davis, Spencer Whiting, Seamus O’Connor, Brandon Davis and plenty more. Jaeger Bailey was cruising through effortlessly ticking off features the whole day. Benny Milam is quickly becoming a jibbing savant, as heads turned to watch what he was doing every time he dropped into a rail. Watch out for him. Garrett Warnick’s easy style was prevalent throughout the park all day. Christian Connors is an animal. Knowbuddys Brady Lem, Ezra Racine, and Luke Winkelman provided plenty of proper style with each rail and jump they dropped into. And the younger Launch contingent, Miles Fallon, Brock Crouch, Red Gerard, Milo Malkoski, Justin Phipps, Sam Gildea, Chris DePaula, Keegan Hosefros, Judd Henke and more were just ripping around, destroying everything in front of them. Capping off the day’s action was Brandon Davis who put down an effortless backside 1440 triple cork.

As the sun began to sink in the sky, a group of transition-saavy snowboarders strapped in above an Unbound-built, double-sided hip. From take off to touch down the hip was pushing seventy-feet and as the sun receded into the Sierras, the riders put on a show. Jaeger Bailey was putting down big, clean alley-oops. Zach Normandin dropped textbook methods. Toby Miller and Red Gerard rode consistently. Spencer Whiting had Michalchuks on lock and Nathan Jacobson was sending some of the biggest airs of the night. Ryan Wachendorfer, Scotty James and Phil Hansen were killing it, as well.

As darkness took over the mountain, the snowmobiles stopped ripping and camera bags were packed up. Day 3 was put to bed, but there’s one more day left of The Launch presented by Volcom, so stay tuned to for photo (and video dropping next week) and follow @snowboardermag, @snowboardervideo and #TheLaunch2015 for even more updates.


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