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The First Annual Nightmare Before Christmas Rail Jam At Windham Mountain



Snowboarding News | Friday January 01, 2016 | Shared By: Snowboarder Mag

words: Johnny O’Connor

photos: Nicole Paolino

It’s been a warm and wet start to the winter on the East Coast. With the unpredictable weather every year, no one knows what to expect when the season starts rolling in. The high temperatures and lack of natural snow has caused many resorts and mountain towns to struggle with business. Soon enough, the East Coast will be firing again and we will have our long awaited winter we’ve been praying for.

The idea behind the Nightmare Before Christmas jam was to start an annual event in an area that has a small snowboard scene with a lot of room for growth. With help from Windham Mountain’s new park manager Keith Kreicher, along with the other park crew guys, we were able to design a few custom-made features for the jam that were Christmas and Halloween themed.

Riders from New York and the surrounding states made their way out to blast around on the set up and Ice Coast Kills Shit’s Joey B (How ya doin?) made his way out with racks of PBR and energy that lit the event up. We premiered the Ice Coast Kills Shit video How Ya Doin later that night and it was an amazing turn out. We can’t wait for next year. How ya doin?!


1st- Dale Mortensen

2nd – Austin Phillips

3rd – Jackson Happ

Girls 1st – Esther Hershkovitz

Deadliest Bail – Jesse Del Voscovo

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