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The Dons Dispatch Scandinavia



Snowboarding News | Friday March 06, 2015 | Shared By: Snowboarder Mag

words and photo: JP Walker

I love Scandinavian’s perspective on street snowboarding; they actually like it and think it’s cool! I’m not talking about kids or teenagers, I’m talking about almost everyone from any age bracket that has ever rolled up on me during a street shoot. Besides the occasional grouch, people are excited to see what we are doing and have nothing bad to say about it, even cops. That is one of the main reasons I continue to film as much of my rail footy as possible overseas. I usually book into Finland, but this time I started in Norway with the 32 squad and hooked up with local OG Danny Larsen. We spent a few nights at his house in the Norwegian forest and met his wife and new baby. Danny showed us all the good go-to spots and a few new ones. It rained the first day we got into town but the snow held and the temps stayed mild enough not to melt, but warm enough not to ice it down. We moved spots to an apartment downtown so we wouldn’t impose too much on Danny and the crew steadily logged clips every day of the trip. Our photog, E-Stone stumbled around the apartment at night in a Ambien-induced coma and pretended to have meetings with a distributor named Sami. On the last day of the trip, my friend Blair emailed me and told me he was planning a trip to Helsinki if I would meet him there. I sized up the weather back home and decided to jump to Finland instead. It was a bit of a change to go from a five man shred crew down to a two man crew but we made it work. We hooked up with our old homies Pasi and Ville and Miksu, a filmer that neither Blair or I had shot with before. He was super cool and we rode a few days in Helsinki, but had to point it north because there was hardly any snow and the weather was so warm. We hit some of our old favorite spots and found some fun new ones like and old, abandoned factory. We slowly made our way back down south so we could finish our trip with a night in Helsinki to download footy and take some photos. Good times.

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