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Superpark 19 Presented By Nexen Tire The Streets Video



Snowboarding News | Monday April 13, 2015 | Shared By: Snowboarder Mag

Whether rain, shine, or thick fog, The Streets at Seven Springs were never quiet. Here’s a selection of hefty hammers that went down during Superpark 19 presented by Nexen Tire. Featuring Matt Boudreaux, Erik Leon, Marcus Rand, Ryan Paul, Benny Milam, Brandon Davis, Mark Goodall, Buzz Holbrook, Merrick Joyce, Seth Hill, David Steigerwald, Desiree Melancon, Sam Kelin, Riley Nickerson, Zack Normadin, Jamie Nicholls, Cullen Bernklau, Jack Kyle, Mike Liddle, Oliver Dixon, Colin Wilson, with a heavy shut down from Jesse Paul and Scott Blum.

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