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Snowboarding News | Wednesday February 22, 2012 | Shared By: Nice Rack

The SUP community is growing fast. What started as an beachside activity has quickly sprouted in lakes, rivers and waterways of all sorts across the USA and world! With all this growth people are taking the idea of Stand Up Paddling in all sorts of directions. Check out the Nice Rack SUP Buyers Guide to break down the increasingly wide (and heavy) world of SUPs.

Racing Boards: What the Hull?

SUP wall racks

Danny Ching SUP racing champion shows us how it's done!

Those familiar with boats know what I’m talking about, hulls are the most efficient way for a board to cut through the water. Instead of having a flat bottom a hull is a convex bottom, think of it as a board with a belly. Racing stand up-paddle boards take full advantage of this design. Why doesn’t every SUP have a hull then? Hulled paddle boards are harder to turn and less stable than other craft.

What’s the best Nice Rack for your speedster racing SUP? We suggest the SUP Ceiling Rack. With enough clearance for your hull this rack will open up a lot of space in your home or garage!

Surfing Stand Up Paddleboards

SUP surfboard wall racks

SUP surfer charging!

Surfing SUPs have bottom much like a surfboard which looks flat compared to a hull. Variations are usually single or double concaves which help the rails of a board grip into a wave. Although being slower in a race than a Hull bottomed Racing SUP, these boards are far more pleasant to surf. The bottom design allows the surfer to control the board and predict its movements while gliding on the steep face of a wave.

What’s the best Nice Rack to show off your big-wave catching SUP? The Nice Rack angled SUP Wall Rack will hold your board close to the wall and keep it looking good!

Touring Stand Up Paddleboards

SUP wall rack

Dave Cornthwaite paddled 2,400 miles down the Mississippi!

Touring boards are stable like a surfing SUPs but do not require rails and bottom contours which are useful for waves. These boards may also have a hull bottom but it is likely to be less prominent than with a racing board. Touring boards are perfect for cruising lakes and rivers because they are a balanced mix of stability and speed.

What’s the best Nice Rack for your Touring SUP? Try the SUP Wall Rack Horizontal! Lay your paddle and hydration pack, and sunscreen on-top of your set-up and you’ll be ready for your next adventure!

River SUP

River boards are usually adapted touring or surfing SUPs. These boards sometimes have different fin set-ups as collisions with river rocks lead to frequent broken fins. In rivers a greater amount of control is desired so these boards are often closer to their surfing cousins. Some brave river SUP masters even surf river rapids as if they were ocean waves!

What’s the best Nice Rack for your rapid-charging SUP? Try the SUP Ceiling Rack. This heavy duty rack will keep your SUP out of the way until your next trip to the river. When you’re ready to take off, it’s easy to unload too!

Yoga SUP

SUP yoga

Say what? Yoga SUP is a quickly growing sport, it is exactly as it sounds, yoga on an SUP. What better way to find tranquility and quiet than out on your favorite lake or bay? Yoga poses often require a ton of balancing, adding an SUP to the mix makes for an excelent work out! Yoga SUP boards are often a bit more stable than your average surf or racing board. This means less attention to speed and control, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t fun to paddle!

What’s the best Nice Rack for your down-dog SUP? Try the SUP Wall Rack Horizontal. Keep your practice regular by taking your SUP out often!

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