The 5th stop of the Peanut Butter and Rail Jam tour went bananas at Keystone, CO on January 26, 2013!

Mixing it up, we decided to drop in a little early this season at Keystone Resort in Colorado, instead of the usual late spring round-up. Not only that, we moved the contest site from the main park area to Mountain House base area, where the A51 park crew provided a stellar set-up and attentive grooming throughout the contest- thanks guys! Zones from left to right: tilted-up A-frame tube, barriers with chain closing off down barrel and down flat down square rail, all of which saw a quiver of action this weekend. Enjoying the balmy conditions during this mid-
winter stop, the snow was forgiving and made for a great day of contest riding!

The View From The Contest Drop In

If humans are part-animal, this age group proved it. Getting wild and pulling through with all sorts of trickery, these kids showed their passion and provided an exciting glimpse of snowboarding’s future. Tyler Kulich, from Maine, laying down work suitable for Open and 16+ divisions, swooped in for 1st place. Volcom team rider and 13-year-old, Cody Warble from Edwards secured the 2nd place slot, while 12-year-old, Red Gerard from Frisco, Colorado claimed 3rd.

The Close-Out Chain Was One Of The Raddest Features Of The Tour

Young Gun Battling The Park Crew Creation

Cody Warble Was Sending It!

Tyler Kulich Gap Back 180 Switch 5050

Where boys turn to men- the 16 and over division is the proving grounds for many amateur riders looking to make serious advances, with plenty of throw down to go around. All seriousness aside, these guys made sure to blend in some fun as they tore through all three features. Matt Gencarella charmed his way into the 1st place slot with his committed and well-executed style... or was it the original quilt vest Matt rocked with confidence that captivated the judges? Working his way up from 18th place in the qualifying rounds to finishing 2nd place, Kyle Seyedian from nearby Fort Collins, Colorado focused in and earned his keep, perhaps by way of the fancy footwork he demonstrated off the A-frame feature. Showing pure dedication to the Volcom PBRJ contest tour, Kyle Kennedy, driving all the way from Forest Lake, Minnesota went home with the 3rd place seating.

Kit Hendrickson Getting Blunted

Cleaning The DFD

Gap Lip For The Masses

The girls were out in full force at Keystone, some of the most competitive girls riding we have seen on the tour this year. Not only competitive, but highly technical and clean- yah girls! It was a great show to watch with many of the usual heavy hitters showing up, as well as some new faces, including entrants (and winners) from as far as Japan and Sweden. Sisi Cavretti from Sweden claimed 1st place, inserting an impressive board-slide pretzel out in the qualifying round, followed by Morgan Anderson from Colorado in 2nd and Fuko Michihata from Japan taking 3rd, who consistently worked the down flat down rail. Hard-working Volcom rider and Breckenridge local, Courtney Cox, utilized every last second on the clock to grab the 4th place seat.

The Girls Were Getting After It!

The Chain Ain't No Thang

Sisi Cavretti With Her Eye On The Prize

Ready To Ravage The PB+J And Gatorade

Stoking the crowd with a tight competition, this division doesn’t mess around, and this weekend saw no exception. It was a epic battle and the big dogs were gunning for the those coveted championship invites. Continuing with the international flavor of the Keystone event, Julien Beaulien from Quebec clenched 1st, followed by Kris Hantz from Breckenridge in 2nd place. Alex Roy Martin from Michigan picked up 3rd, as well as revealed a contending trick for “gooeyest move.” Griping the 4th spot in the Open Division, was Ezra Racine from Vermont.

Bomber Front Board

Blunt Action On The A-Frame

Sam King With A 270 In And Out Of Zone 2

Sending It Sideways Through The Kink

Kai Wiggins Destroyed The Prelims

No Shortage Of Style With This Group

The judges had the difficult task of sorting through all the hammers of the day. Thank you John Busenitz of TBS Boardshop, Brian Ring of Gravitee Boardshop , and Shane Nay. Once again we'd like to extend out gratitude to Keystone for hosting us again this year. Jessica Butcher, Kevin, the A51 park crew, Julie Knudsen, and all the Keystone peeps that make coming back year after year a delight- thank you! Man behind the photo lens was Ryan Bregante, thanks for all the help with everything. Melissa Belongea was also a champion and did the article for the event. Lastly, big thanks goes to our sponsors for the continued support and extra stoke for prizing:







15 & Under Division:

1st: Tyler Kulich

2nd: Cody Warble

3rd: Red Gerard

4th: Toren Underwood

5th: Wyatt Harper

16 & Over Division:

1st: Matt Gencarella

2nd: Kyle Seyedian

3rd: Kyle Kennedy

4th: Kit Hendrickson

5th: Garrett McKenzie

Girl's Open Division:

1st: Sisi Cavretti

2nd: Morgan Anderson

3rd: Fuko Michihata

4th: Courtney Cox

5th: Emily Blewitt

Men's Open Division:

1st: Julien Beaulien

2nd: Kris Hantz

3rd: Alex Roy Martin

4th: Ezra Racine

5th: Alex LeBlanc

Electric's "Gooeyest Move of the Day":

Scott Askins - Nollie Hardway Bs 270 Boardslide 270 Out!

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