Stop #2 of Volcom Stone’s Peanut Butter and Rail Jam snapped off at Boreal Mountain, CA on Saturday January 5, 2013!

Boreal has been developing their park program for quite some time now and has
been a training ground for some of the up and coming shred talent. Recently they
completed a new Woodward facility that’s a wonderland of trampolines, foam pits,
skate parks, and practice kickers. It’ll be exciting to see the kind of talent these
resources produce. With all of these factors, we knew they would be a great host
for this year’s PBRJ.

The Contest Site

Upon arrival we were greeted with clear skies, mild temperatures, and a contest site
that was a great mix of standards but also creative features. The 3 zones consisted
of a street style down tube, an up-down-flat kinked tube, and the good old down
disco box. Straightforward yes but a great site to let the creativity of the
competitors shine.

Miles Taylor Provided One Of The Most Exciting Moments Of The

The 15 and Under Division were first to attack the site. With zero hesitation this
young bunch was putting down maneuvers that had many of the older competitors
wishing their bag of tricks was a little deeper. Flawless 270s in and out of the down
tube, buttery spins and presses on the disco box, and 50 50s to 360 melon out of
the kinked rail. It got rowdy in a hurry! At the end of the day 13 year old Graham
Haley took home top honors with Dray Gardner coming in 2nd and 12 year old
Toby Miller swooping up 3rd. All of the finalists put on an inspiring performance.

8 Year Old Vincent Piccinonno Spreading The Style

Graham Haley Was On Fire With Tricks Like This Gap 5050 To FS
360 Melon

Drayden Gardner With A stylish Stalefish Lip Slide

Flawless 270 In And Out Of The Down Tube By Joshua

Next up to bat was the 16 and Over Division. Seeing what the young guns had put
down they knew they needed to step it up. This is where we started to see a little
hard way action, nollies into the features, side way slides through the kink, and
even the beginning of the gap to flat frenzy. After all the scores were tallied, Ryland
West snatched up the 1st place position with Jordan Welter in 2nd and Blair Esson
coming in a close 3rd. We’ll look forward to seeing the group out at $15,000
championships on April 20th.

BS 180 To Switch 50 50 To Cab 3 Out!

Peanut Buttery Blunt With A Pretzel Out By Ryland West

Zach Nash With A Stylish Press In Zone 1

Free Lunch Fun!

The Girls Division was next to show what they were capable of. Getting after it in a
hurry this female bunch was putting down stylish moves such as a front lip swivel
to switch front board on the tub, a front board through the kink, presses and
pretzels on the box, and a mind blowing 180 layback to 180 out (Gooeyest Move
contender). It was a shake up but the judges awarded Naima Antolin the crown with
Lejawn Allen coming in 2nd and 12 year old Hailey Langland pulling off the 3rd
place title. Solid performance ladies!

Melissa Evans Cleaning The Kinked Tube

Eyes On The Prize Lip Slide To Fakie

Naima Blew Everyone Away With Her Laid Back Style. Don't Forget
There Was A 180 In And Out Of This!

Kasandra Dolan Knows A Thing Or Two About Style

The Open Division had the task of closing out the day. After the blistering array of
trickery we’d already seen go down it was hard to know what was left to
accomplish. Sure enough, the Open Class took it to the next level and hiked way
above the contest site and thus begun the gap session. Scotty Hoffman got things
started by sending it off the zone 2 lip and landing on the zone 1 rail with a big fat
lip slide. Then we started seeing the competitors gap the kinked section of zone 2
and landing on the flat section or the “donkey kick”. It was on after that with gap:
lip slide, melon front board, back lip, and cab 270. The pinnacle of destruction had
to have been when Miles Taylor snapped his board in half with a massive gap to lip
slide! The judges had their hands full but after the dust settled it was Pat Lynch
who took home the glory of gold with defending champion Sawyer Deen taking a
close 2nd and Matt Busedu swiping 3rd. It was an epic battle to say the least.

Pat Lynch's Back Lip Through The Kink

One Of Many Mind Melters Richard Koukai Threw Down

Do You See The Lip Of The Kinked Rail In The Background? That's
Where Scotty Hoffman Took Off.

Sawyer Deen Was One Of The Gap Goons

The Gooeyest Move Of The Event By Easton Gilman

A big thanks goes out to Boreal for hosting the event this year. John Slaughter,
Anders Issacson, Tucker Norred, and the entire terrain park staff had us covered
throughout and their help was greatly appreciated. Judging can be one of the most
difficult tasks of the day, many thanks goes to Lou Macias, Brent Oftecial, and Erik
Leon for sorting through the insanity. Last but not least we’d like to thank your tour
sponsors for kicking in the extra stoke:






15 and Under Division:

1st: Graham Haley

2nd: Drayden Gardner

3rd: Toby Miller

4th: Joshua Douglas

5th: Caleb Bonneville

16 and Over Division:

1st: Ryland West

2nd: Jordan Welter

3rd: Blair Esson

4th: Matty Britton

5th: Andy Blanchard

Girls Division:

1st: Naima Antolin

2nd: Lejawn Allen

3rd: Hailey Langland

4th: Tasha Sagucka

5th: Skittles Driscoll

Open Division:

1st: Patrick Lynch

2nd: Sawyer Deen

3rd: Matt Busedu

4th: Richard Koukai

5th: Jordan Wells

Electric's "Gooeyest Move Of The Day":

Easton Gilman (gap 270 to flat on the kinker!)

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Source: Volcom

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