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Staff Picks Cavan Top Ten Memorable Moments Of 2014



Snowboarding News | Wednesday December 24, 2014 | Shared By: Snowboarder Mag" alt="staffpicks-Cavan1-Dec14-fi" class="wp-image-107530 size-full" height="360" width="640" />

p: Eastern Boarder/Last Call

The third installment of the end of the year 2014 staff picks comes from John Cavan, SNOWBOARDER’s Senior Video Producer. In the winter, Cavan traverses the globe, capturing all angles of snowboarding from behind the lens. Last year, he logged frequent flier miles while filming the Grand Prix contests, the Olympics, X Games, Lib Tech’s Holy Bowly, The Arctic Challenge, Last Call, Superpark, Summer Games at Mt. Hood, and multiple trips for The SNOWBOARDER Movie, in addition to one-off editorial stories. While it’s crazy to imagine that with all the filming he does Cavan would have much time for anything else, but somehow he not only shoots the action, he edits it into countless videos for SNOWBOARDER. And with all of this, Cavan is still always up for a few laps or a cold one to commemorate a day’s work. We’ll raise our glass to this Massachusetts born and bred boarder who plays a huge part in making what it is and while we do so, read below to discover the top ten moments of 2014 that captured this filmer’s attention. – MTWalsh

10. Getting to night ride my old home Mt. Wachusett while home on a trip with a bunch of the Eastern Boarder crew." alt="Cavan-topten-Dec14-SageKotsenburg-630" class="wp-image-107378 size-full" height="425" width="630" />

p: Huggy

9. Seeing Sage, Stale and friends win medals at the Olympics: as shitty as that stuff looked and was managed, it was cool to see friends win on the biggest scale.

8. Deja Vu winning video of the year for both Snowboarder and TWS:
Good friends, doing a video on their terms, and trying to film the best shit. Awesome.

7. Riding Loon the day after Last Call:
Riding with a bunch of the Think Thank crew, Eric Koval, Rav, Preston Strout, Shanesaw, Bridges, and tons of Loon locals made for some of the best laps of season.

6. Superpark at Mt. Hood:
With everyone staying in Government Camp it felt like the whole snowboarding world was really one big tribe. It was sick seeing everyone go off in an amazing park, from Ben Ferguson to Hans and Nils Mindnich to Coonhead. It was so rad watching everyone cruise Hood and everyone had a smile on their face. The day it “rained” and Jaime Lynn and Wes Makepeace played at Charlie’s in Govy was truly amazing; people started drinking at 11:30am and apparently Charlie’s had their busiest day in history….

5. Holy Bowly was all time this year:
The crew and riding was sick, the parking lot hang was amazing, we stayed at E-stone’s house the whole time and that was super fun, but for me the best part was filming Chris Roach. He was trying these butters across the deck and I was shooting them. He started asking me how they looked and would come up and drop from where I was. I was kinda pinching myself, ’cause it’s Chris Roach. We ended up filming a really good one and he was super stoked–maybe not as stoked as me though!

4. Getting to travel with Scott Blum to the Arctic Challenge and Red Bull Double Pipe:
Scott is one of the most creative dudes in snowboarding right now, but he definitely does things his way. It’s so refreshing to see someone not be a robot. From lapping with Terje at the Arctic to doing full runs of handplants at Double Pipe to hearing him call the follow cam skier a dork right to his face, to seeing the security guards shaking his hand and wishing him good luck and knowing him by name in the morning. There were to many mind altering moments to count with Scott, looking forward to another season of it this year." alt="Cavan-topten-Dec14-DannyDavis-630" class="wp-image-107379 size-full" height="422" width="630" />

p: Huggy

3. Danny Davis: To say Danny Davis was the coolest thing in snowboarding last year kinda sounds cliché, but it’s kinda true. The switch methods, the backside threes, the styly carves, he made everything look good and in a year that was chuck full of chucking and hoping to win He definitely did his own thing and to me that was the coolest thing to see go down live. When he needed to win in Mammoth and he stomped his run I swear you could feel the entire town of Mammoth Lakes exhale at the same time. The doubles and triples runs with Terje and Lago at the US Open were all time too.

2. Mr. Plant Premier in Plymouth New Hampshire:
It’s been really incredible to watch Pat grow up in snowboarding. He’s not only and unbelievable snowboarder he’s an incredible human with a huge awareness of snowboarding’s past and his place in it. Pat grew up on the east coast in Plymouth NH and so when he had the premier of his movie he did it there and made sure to bring all of NH buzzards out of the woods along with legends like Terje, Jaime Lynn, Wes Makepeace, and a whole slew of others. The night was amazing and I think everyone was so proud of Pat for being able to pull something like that off." alt="Cavan-topten-Baldface-Dec14-630" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-107380" height="419" width="630" />

1. Baldface: Somehow I got to go to Baldface lodge for 8 days of insane pow riding. I’m actually typing this list from the lodge there. Big thanks to Jeff Pensiero for letting me come hang. I got to shred pow with T-Bird and Bridges, Tex Davenport, Jaime Lynn, Wes Makepeace, David Benedek, Robyn Van Gyn, Kevin Sansalone, Pierre Wikberg, Billy Anderson, Lauren Albro, Ryan Davis, and a bunch of the the Vintage Snowboard Crew. It’s been amazing and I can’t wait to come back again…….

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