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Snowboarding News | Thursday January 21, 2016 | Shared By: Snowboarder Mag

Loon, Ragged, and Waterville Valley are the frontmen of the heavy metal band that is New Hampshire. Each has a distinct personality, unique terrain, and rich history. Waterville, vaunted for its blink-of-the-eye poma park laps; Ragged with its Utah-like glades and the only 6-person chair in the state; Loon, home of the roisterous Bunyan Room and the cherished gondola. Although they have these differences, these shred citadels all are built upon that black-coffee, drive-without-a-seatbelt hardiness that characterizes the New Hampshire spirit. A couple weeks ago filmer Ian Dreher found himself with the opportunity to hit up these three renowned resorts within a short span of days. This is the resulting edit from Ian’s geographical trifecta, featuring Merrick Joyce, Nick Doucette, Cole St. Martin, Parker Szumowski, Morris Gifford, and Brendan Hart.

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