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Spring Update



Snowboarding News | Thursday March 28, 2013 | Shared By: RAMP Snowboards

Hello, Friends of RAMP, this is Kilch, President and CESnow. 

We just got back form a long road trip doing more magazine tests, music events, and resort shop demos, a great trip overall. We still have the SKIING magazine test next week at Loveland, Colorado. Really Fun Stuff.

I came back to our factory, which is busy with making the first snowboards. We even had Lindsey Jacobellis mold one. She's working hard on knee rehab to be ready to dominate at the Olympics while not molding. We're making really good progress in dialing the snowboard production process so we can produce many or all of next season's adult boards here in Park City. We should be able to have the first on snow tests of RAMP snowboards next week!!!

We just made the first 105mm twin tip ski today. We're excited to get underway with this model, which should be right in the heart of the freeskiing market. Can't wait to try them. Maybe give myself an Easter present and be the first one on them?

We are also working on new production methods and some new materials to keep evolving the efficiency and graphic durability. I feel like our skis are way above the industry norm is structural durability and strength. We have virtually no sidewall breakage, no base issues, no edge pullouts, and no broken skis, really about none. I feel we are at about industry norm in graphic durability, top reliability. I want to keep making improvements until we exceed there as well. There are lots of cool things that we are trying.

This season is still churning along; we've been having a very good March as far as sales are concerned. We still have ski backorders, but we're at least below 30 pair now. The orders keep coming in and we're grateful for that.

Still no dull moments at RAMP. 
President and CESnow

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