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Spacecraft Wayward Trip Episode 3



Snowboarding News | Sunday December 08, 2013 | Shared By: Spacecraft

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Santa Cruz – On the final stretch of my trip through California I made it to Santa Cruz. The Morning consisted of getting coffee, a legit breakfast burrito and heading out to one of the famed points where surfers converge to hit big sets and soak up the sun. I watched the locals shred for a bit with a friend of mine who lives in town before heading to a local skate spot that had been there since the 60’s. We probably shredded that park for at least two hours before realizing we needed to get a move on to our next spot. We checked out Bro Prints and a few other skate oriented companies in the area and got an extensive tour of the print shop and time traveled back to the 90’s. It was about noon at this point so I hopped back on the 101-S and headed towards Santa Barbra. 

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About half way down, I stopped in the town of Gonzalez for a burrito and a stretch. A few cool buildings were there worth getting some pics of, everything felt very “south of the border” and it was very dry and arid. I continued on only stopping for gas in SLO before hopping on the 54 into the backside of Santa Barbra coming over the hills right at sunset. The whole ocean lay ahead, the hills dotted with large houses surrounded by lush green vegetation told me that I was now in So Cal. Winding through the back roads to the next destination, lay a mansion above the ocean with a grand view, watching the coast disappear into the haze. I settled down for a night in a king size bed, enjoyed a hot tub with coronas, and million dollar view.

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Waking up in Santa Barbra, in a mansion, in the warm sun, on the ocean, in a king size bed was one hell of a treat. But as soon as I got up it was time, as usual, to get to work and back on the road. I sped down the 1 and ended up just south of Santa Monica to meet up with another friend for a quick lunch and a tour of the Globe shoes US HQ. Wishing I had more time to spend there, I was back on the road heading through the outskirts of LA and into Anaheim stopping off at Society Clothing to say hello to some old friends and then onto the 405 to the 73 to the 1 (insert SNL Californian voice here) and eventually ending up in Laguna. I met up with my friends who run the Artists Republic 4 Tomorrow Gallery, dropped of some art and then we all headed out for dinner. I crashed at their place and was just as quickly back on the road.

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Waking up in San Clemente in the early morning, I headed out to a chill little beach to surf, mostly 2-4ft swells with a few being overhead but a fun way to get up in the morning. The water was fairly warm and the spot wasn’t too crowded, but the morning clouds were hanging around which kept the feeling pretty mellow. After the morning surf session we grabbed coffee, a bagel, and went back to the house where we shredded the hell out of their mini ramp in their back yard. Once some emails were sent out, I followed them on a chill little bike cruise through some curvy roads that ended at a biker bar were we stopped for refreshments. Heading back I said my goodbyes and was off down the coast – this time on the 5 to San Diego to stay with my cousin just east of the city. We immediately grabbed the surfboards and headed to a spot just north of La Jolla where the waves were coming in hard. It was primarily just the two of us out there, the swell was pretty gnarly, there wasn’t much riding going on – more fighting the current and waves to get out. It was a washing machine. We ended up coming in pretty quick and after trying one other spot, ended up calling it quits and headed back to the house where we grabbed some Mexican food, relaxed, and just took in the past weeks.

After getting back to Seattle, I found myself in the studio creating new work, inspired from my travels, and trying to get as much prepared and ready for the “Wayward” art show on December 14th where I will be debuting my product collection with Spacecraft. It will feature a beanie, t shirt, canteen, blanket and patch. Please come out to welcome me home and check out my art and product collection!

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