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Snowstoked Is Down With Tyler Chorton



Snowboarding News | Wednesday November 30, -0001 | Shared By: Vans

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Tyler Chorlton is a doer. Pro snowboarder, shop owner, and since this year, he also runs his very own video production, WhatWeWant Films. He speaks three languages fluently (English, French, Spanish) and two other ones at least fifty-fifty (Scandi and German). He started snowboarding in 1999, got pretty good pretty fast, started entering some contests, started winning, became a part of the British Olympic Snowboard Squad, and finally realised bombing through nipple deep powder is way better than a triple cork hans 1630. He’s one of the most stylish snowboarders out there and when it comes to the much-loved moustache biz he’s pretty much on top of the game as well. Have you seen his full part from Levity? What cheek!

Anyway, in this interview I talked about pretty much anything with Tyler. Breakfast, stache wax, snowboard shop biz, WWWF, pro snowboarder biz, Coin Coin, agents, Axolotls, surname pronouncing… anything. So, give it up for Tyler. If he’s not one of your favourite snowboarders, well, he should be.

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