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Snowboarder Magazine Announces The Launch 2014 Presented By Volcom At Seven Springs Pennsylvania



Snowboarding News | Friday March 21, 2014 | Shared By: Snowboarder Mag

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Now in its 6th year, SNOWBOARDER Magazine’s The Launch has become the preeminent showcase for the next generation of snowboarders from around the globe. For 2014, SNOWBOARDER is proud to announce that The Launch will be hosted at Seven Springs, Pennsylvania from Sunday, March 30th to Wednesday, April 2nd. Seven Springs, a resort renowned for its park building abilities, is one of North America’s foremost freestyle playgrounds, and Terrain Park Manager Joel Rerko had this to say about being chosen as the new home for The Launch: “The Launch has consistently pushed the future of snowboarding and has provided a proving ground for up-and-coming athletes. Seven Springs is very excited to be a part of that progression for snowboarding. Our park program will provide a perfect venue for the riders by offering creative and innovative features for the athletes.”

Since its introduction to the snowboard world, The Launch has spawned an international list of X Games and Olympic medalists like Mark McMorris, Sebastién Toutant, Jamie Anderson, Maxence Parrot, Sage Kotsenburg, Taylor Gold, and Ståle Sandbech, as well as the next generation of video part prodigies like Sam Taxwood, Zak Hale, Blake Paul, Hans and Nils Mindnich, Forest Bailey, and Spencer Schubert and as the level of progression in the younger generation continues to increase with every passing winter, The Launch will continue to cater to these riders who will one day fly snowboarding’s flag.

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SNOWBOARDER Magazine Creative Director Pat Bridges says, “The Launch is the premier platform for the new pedigree of snowboarding to bring their talents to the world stage and this year at Seven Springs will be better than ever. With the help of our sponsors Volcom, Giro and Red Bull, The Launch 2014 promises to be the best spectacle of park riding that snowboarding has ever seen from this generation.” will be providing all of the up-to-the-minute action from The Launch with recaps, photo galleries, and videos, as well as a live webcast on brought to you by Volcom and hosted by Preston Strout and SNOWBOARDER Magazine Editor Tom Monterosso from 1:00pm EST to 3:00pm EST on March 31st and April 1st. Be sure to keep up with all of the action from The Launch 2014 Presented by Volcom, only on


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