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Skylar Special Best Snowboard Of 2014



Snowboarding News | Friday November 01, 2013 | Shared By: Venture Snowboards


Self portrait: Skylar getting ready to drop in on his Skylar.

The Skylar Special - a Shape Shack creation by guest shaper Skylar Holgate and artist Shanna Duncan - has been named a "Best Snowboard of 2014" by Outside Magazine
. And boy are we stoked!

The Shape Shack is Venture's experimental division, charged with dreaming up new and innovative board designs. Our resident shaper is the one and only Johan Olofsson, but from time to time we invite other high profile, creative minded riders to contribute their ideas to the mix.

Anyone who's ridden at Silverton Mountain, stayed at the Bonnie Belle Cabin, or spent some time in Argentina with SASS Global Travel has probably crossed paths with the inimitable Skylar Holgate. A mountain guide extraordinaire, incredible ripper, and the most down to earth guy you'll ever meet, Skylar spends the majority of the year on snow, and has been putting Venture boards through their paces both north and south of the Equator for many years. He is always willing to try out new shapes and give us feedback, so it was a no brainer to ask him to get involved with the Shape Shack. Skylar worked with Klemens Branner, Venture's founder and design engineer, to develop the shape. "For me, the coolest part of the process was how easily Klem was able to translate what I wanted into the design itself. I could tell him how I wanted it to feel when I laid into a turn, and he knew exactly how to tweak the flex or change the core profile to get that performance and that feeling," says Skylar.

The Skylar Special is a big mountain twin designed just for the way he rides. It's beefy enough to handle a day in the life of a mountain guide, but has a true twin shape and slightly softer flex that make it super fun and playful. Recently named a "Best Snowboard of 2014" by Outside Magazine, testers commented that the Skylar Special's "supple torsional flex allows for nimble edge-to-edge transfers and quick turn initiation, but the flex pattern and sidecut make it smooth and stable in all types of terrain." Check out the full review at Outside Online.

Since Skylar also rides for the Levitation Project, he collaborated with their chief artist, Shanna Duncan, to create a unique graphic for this deck. "Shanna was great to work with," says Skylar. "All I had to do was tell her about the vibe of Venture, what our graphic themes have looked like in the past, and some elements I wanted on the board and she was able to whip out something amazing in just a couple of days. I'm totally stoked with the result." You can check out more of Shanna's work in this season's Kronicle, which features a full length interview with her.

Shanna's interview and the Skylar Special graphic in Kronicle

For more detailed info on the Skylar Special, or to purchase one of the limited edition decks, you can visit Venture's online store here.

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