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Sia Part Three



Snowboarding News | Wednesday February 06, 2013 | Shared By: Ashbury Eyewear

The booth finally set up.

Nima and one of our best friends, Mike Tobia, he’s been killing it over at Dragon for a while now.

Harland the Guy with our ski team ad.

Patrick Tullos and Brandon Matteson holding it down at Nitro.

Hondo showing me the new and really good issue of Transworld.

Dan Weigel pushin’ Elm hats!

Weird models.

Ashbury/Wend wax.


Brandon Phillips and Chicken.

Jon Kooley!

Transworld had the refreshments.

John Antoski and Lars Reber.

Laura Austin wondering how I always know what’s going on.

Tullos selling style.

A different angle, even Knut was impressed.

Mr. Videograss himself, Justin Meyer and Jon Francis.

Douche Bags.

Lany loves your goggle Laurent.

Rich trying to figure out the weird tradeshow lighting.

Ok, that’s better!

See Ray from Flux to the left?

Boxing matches between industry fools.


Rich, Alex Karayan, Dan, and Lany approve.

Austin Smith and Antoski.

Richie Conklin happy to be allowed into bars and Brandon.

Kooley and Darrell Mathes.

Jeremy Estorga and Nirvana.

Rich, Harland, and Collin.

Redman introducing all the teasers.

And finally, last but not least! The Last Ones, by Videograss.

Justin, Jesse Burtner, and Kooley.

Justin Keniston is having fun despite missing his dog.

The crowd for Naughty by Nature.

Nam on stage.

Dan getting wild!

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