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Shred Freaks Hood 16



Snowboarding News | Friday July 29, 2016 | Shared By: Snowboarder Mag

Anyone who has ever dipped their toes into the deep, deep waters of a summer at Mount Hood is familiar with the cool exhilaration of spending the warm months on the streets of Government Camp. While snow-melting heaters make up the bulk of the hours cached on hill, weeks at Hood are marked just as much, if not even more, by the prolific activities that make up the hours after 3pm every day and the legendary individuals with which to do said activities. Freddy Perry, snowboarding’s favorite Norwegian New Zealander clocked shots while he was at Hood this year and if you could bottle up the true essence of that magical place–the slushy snow, the HCSC park, the dodgeball elbow, the stick-and-pokes, the semi-questionable crotch shots, and never-questionable minipipe shred, pups, the Portland in betweens, the humans, the riding, the chilling, the Charlie’s–this video would be a potent elixir of why once you head to Hood, you tend to return year after year.

Video by DWD’s Freddy Perry, featuring the riding of many awesome individuals, including Freddy, Max Warbington, Scotty Stevens, Danny Davis, Alek Oestreng, Gus Warbington, and more.

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